Recruiting Functional Safety


In response to the high demand from our clients for recommendations or placements of suitable functional safety managers, ideally trained by ourselves, we have added bespoke recruitment to our service portfolio to complement the training we offer.

FSS can therefore offer you an attractive all-in-one package in the area of functional safety: We use our expertise to recruit top candidates in addition to training and supporting them as they progress in their careers.

For companies

Are you looking for the right functional safety project manager, developer, or quality assurance employee?

For candidates

Do you want to grow professionally in this area, or are you looking for new employment in the technology sector, e.g. as a safety engineer?


How we work

Our years of experience in the fields of functional safety and recruiting, our technical expertise, our excellent relationships with customers and candidates, and our cross-team agility are what make us and our working methods stand out.

We are different, and we work differently. For us, this means being attentive, agile, focused, and oriented on solutions and success.

We listen to you with the goal of understanding your challenges and requirements and finding suitable solutions.

This is where the right focus and concentration on key points are vital. Along with a high level of motivation, a passion for what we do, and a focus on good human relations, these values and ways of working are what make our work so successful; they will also help you find appropriately qualified staff or develop your own skills and those of your employees in the field of functional safety.