Do you want to grow professionally as a functional safety project manager, developer, or quality assurance employee, or are you looking for new employment in the technology sector, e.g. as a safety engineer? We will gladly add you to our extensive network and find a top position for you in the functional safety, software, hardware, or project management sectors.

We help companies with their search for qualified staff to fill temporary or permanent posts or develop whole new areas of business in the following fields:

  • functional safety
  • software
  • hardware
  • project management
  • quality management
  • testing

Are you an expert or do you already have some experience in these areas or other niches, or are you a technically competent all-rounder? Or do you want to go one step further and develop professionally in these areas?

We are looking for people whose profile largely matches the following:

  • Experience in the fields of functional safety, … or …
  • Experience in the automobile or medical technology industries or similar sectors.
  • Your work methods are flexible and solution-oriented.
  • Your work is focused and you concentrate on what is important.
  • You are motivated and enjoy learning new things.
  • You are equally happy to work on your own or as part of a team.
  • You put all your heart and soul into your work and are passionate about what you do.

If you feel that you match this profile, we would like to hear from you!


What makes our personnel recruitment services stand out?

Our company consists of a team of functional safety managers, qualified computer scientists, and recruitment consultants with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of functional safety, project management, and project development. We have been successfully cooperating with exclusive partners in the automotive and medical technology industries for many years.

Unlike other personnel recruitment companies, we have the same specialized knowledge as you. Our recruitment consultants draw on the technical expertise of our project and product development experts. This profitable collaboration and the insights into our network allow us to act as your equal partner and give you realistic advice and assistance that will help you further your career. We listen to you attentively so that we can find the right company and position for you based on your experience, vision, and wishes.

We also offer functional safety training and mentoring to make sure that you are optimally prepared for your future position if you wish to get started or resume working in this field.

We are the perfect partner for you if you are looking to gain a foothold or advance your professional development in the field of functional safety!

Are you seeking a new challenge, and would you like to develop a career in the area of functional safety?

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