We will teach you everything about functional safety; from preparing the necessary documentation to negotiating the scope of the project (development interface agreement – DIA) between OEM and tier 1.

Our goal is to equip you with enough knowledge about ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 requirements that you will no longer need us after training has been completed. The short training sessions and long-term mentoring packages we offer will help you develop the expertise needed to conduct internal audits and assessments of functional safety yourself. All our training measures incorporate practical exercises and allow participants to ask questions about related topics such as ASPICE or functional safety within the organization.

We regularly offer introductory training in functional safety for project managers, quality assurance employees and developers; alternatively, we can draw up a customized training program that perfectly matches your company’s requirements and wishes.

Talk to us and find out more about our training and mentoring programs.

Are you a development leader?

Functional safety is a fundamental element of future success in both the automotive market as well as in the pharmaceutical and automation industries. In two years, there won’t be a single project left in the pharmaceutical industry that won’t need to comply with ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or other technical standards, such as IEC 62304 in the medical area. Because of the complexity of the software used, the requirements of the standards are increasingly strict.

Our training offers aim to teach you how to master ISO 26262/IEC 61508 for your business. Feel free to ask about any other functional safety norms.

Are you a quality manager?

Gain lasting knowledge about the functional safety in your QM system and among your employees. Avoid necessary work caused by misunderstanding the ISO 26262 requirements.

And the ramifications of a product that does not fulfill these requirements are not just economic: there are also quality repercussions in terms of recalls, supply cuts, additional development cycles, costly delays in production and unnecessary prototype stages.

Quality or project manager

What does ISO 26262 mean for your production or specific project?

We can show you how part 7 and the first normative parts of ISO 26262 affect your production and product development. Using practical examples, we point out the tasks, analyses and necessary documents that functional safety standards entail.

Our training sessions are also offered in English and Spanish.

Are you an HR manager?

Take your employees’ professional development into consideration with functional safety tasks. Our training offers provide ways of quickly implementing the requirements of the standards. Participants can learn how to work efficiently with standards in as little as half a day with an introduction to functional safety, helping to spare resources and nerves.

We offer general employee training for addressing the implementation of standards and their requirements, as well as internal training for managers and seminars on current trends in the field of functional safety, such as autonomous driving and e-mobility.


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Work more efficiently with standards

Training at FSS will show you how to quickly and effectively implement the requirements put forth by ISO 26262 and IEC 61508. With our TOP method, you will learn how to efficiently implement the requirements of the standards for your products.

Are you looking for professional development measures regarding a specific functional safety standard for you and your employees? Our team of experienced functional safety managers will bring you up to speed quickly and effectively – and not just for ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or IEC 62304.

Our methods are used to

  • categorize;
  • summarize;
  • and interpret

the norms that apply to you.

Our goal is to create a list of your requirements that is

  • short and manageable;
  • comprehensible;
  • and easy to realize.

Lay the groundwork for fulfilling the requirements of ISO 26262 and other functional safety standards at your company and in your projects.


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