Are you looking for the right functional safety project manager, developer, or quality assurance employee? We will find you the top candidates in the fields of functional safety, software, hardware and project management.

We will help you deal with staff shortages, fill vacant posts, or develop whole new areas of business in the fields of

  • functional safety
  • software
  • hardware
  • project management
  • quality management
  • testing

We will match you quickly with the best and most appropriately qualified candidates.

Our first-rate recruiting team will help you if you are advertising for more specialized, unusual positions; we will also search for suitable candidates exclusively for you.


What’s so special about our headhunting and personnel recruitment services?

Our company consists of a team of functional safety managers, qualified computer scientists, and recruitment consultants with more than 20 years of experience in the area of functional safety. We have been successfully cooperating with exclusive partners in the automotive and medical technology industries for many years.

Unlike other personnel recruitment companies, we have the same specialized knowledge as your technical department. Our recruitment consultants draw on the many years of technical expertise acquired by our project and product development experts. By allowing us to relieve your personnel and/or specialist departments of the time-consuming pre-selection process, you can focus on your daily business during the search. We invest our time and expertise in finding the best candidates for you. You don’t have to waste any more time finding out – possibly not until the selection interviews – whether the candidates actually meet all your specialized requirements.

This unique combination of technical and recruiting expertise enables us to introduce you to perfectly matched candidates.


Success-oriented work is our lifeblood!

Our specialization in technical recruiting and our experience in this area go hand in hand with a certain way of working.

We are different, and we work differently. For us, this means being attentive, agile, focused, and oriented on solutions and success.

Our years of experience in the fields of functional safety and recruiting, our technical expertise, our excellent relationships with customers and candidates, and our cross-team agility are what make us and our working methods stand out.

We listen to you with the goal of understanding your company’s challenges and requirements and cooperating with you to find the right solutions, positions and candidates.

This is where the right focus and concentration on key points are vital. Along with a high level of motivation, a passion for what we do, and a focus on good human relations, these values and ways of working are what make our work so successful and help us match you with the most suitable candidates.

Do you need personnel recruitment services perfectly tailored to the needs of your technical business?

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